One Piece episode 1087: What to expect

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Following the release of the previous episode, fans are excitedly discussing and speculating on what One Piece episode 1087 could have in store for them as the start of a new arc continues. Although there’s no apparent direction as to where the series is headed next for the arc overall, fans were treated to a host of different perspectives in the prior installment.

Many are expecting One Piece episode 1087 to continue its anthology-like approach to current events in the series’ world following the conclusion of the Wano arc. Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify this without looking at the source material directly since regular spoilers for the anime series are nonexistent.

Thankfully, there is a preview for One Piece episode 1087 available at the time of this article’s writing, which gives fans some idea of what to expect.

One Piece episode 1087 seems set to catch readers up on world events that happened during the Wano arc

What to expect

A short 30-second preview for One Piece episode 1087 shows that the upcoming episode might focus on a three-way battle on Amazon Lily between the Marines, led by Koby, the Kuja Pirates, led by Boa Hancock, and the Blackbeard Pirates, led by Blackbeard.

The exact specifics of the conflict are not touched on in the preview, but fans can guess easily enough why all three find themselves on the island simultaneously. For Koby and the Marines, the recent abolition of the Shichibukai system likely led to their being assigned to arrest Boa Hancock and bring her into Marine headquarters.

Blackbeard, meanwhile, likely heads to Amazon Lily in One Piece episode 1087’s events to steal Hancock’s Devil Fruit for herself. While he may instead try and recruit her to join his crew, he’ll likely view killing her and taking her Devil Fruit as the simpler option. This would also explain why Blackbeard took Vasco Shot and Catarina Devon with him to the island, as seen in the episode’s preview.

The episode’s preview also reveals that Koby has “new Pacifistas,” which he is leading into battle, presumably meaning a new version of the Pacifistas rather than recently built models. Assuming this to be the case, fans can expect these new versions to be one of the main focuses of the coming three-way fight.

Unfortunately, One Piece episode 1087’s preview doesn’t reveal much more significant information beyond this. However, fans are speculating that the episode will shift perspective away from this battle at Amazon Lily at some point to focus on other world events. While a perspective highlighting the Cross Guild or the Marines is unlikely given the previous release, the Revolutionary Army is a strong candidate for such a focus.

Speaking of the Revolutionary Army, there are also still several loose threads about their attack on Mariejois during the Reverie. While this will likely be given a multi-episode focus, fans could see this reveal begin in the final moments of the coming episode 1087. However, this is purely speculative, with the coming release’s preview showing no signs of the Revolutionary Army within.

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