7 One Piece characters who can be Luffy’s mom

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Among the cast of One Piece characters, there’s many possible women to be Luffy’s mom. It’s perhaps one of the biggest mysteries around the Straw Hat pirate, given the emphasis he has on different bonds. Theres the one with his grandfather, brother, and to a degree his father as well.

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Luffy’s dad’s identity has been well established – the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon, a renowned and reviled criminal in the world of One Piece. His grandfather is also very well established as Monkey D. Garp, a heroic vice-admiral of the Marines.

But his mother is comparatively a mystery, one that author Eiichiro Oda has yet to reveal, and possibly may never, on account of not being interested in exploring that part of One Piece characters.

Ginny and 6 other One Piece characters who could be Luffy’s mother

Big Mom

Charlotte Linlin is ‘Big Mom’ of the Four Emperors. She’s mostly an antagonist, a vicious pirate who believes in equality for the land she rules, Totto Land, making it a utopia where all can be accepted. Could her true beliefs and goals make her a decent candidate for Luffy’s mom?

The answer is probably not, because she seems more concerned with her position in the New World as one of the Four Emperors, and not concerning herself with a revolutionary like Dragon.

She didn’t even grow up on the East Blue, making her an incredibly unlikely candidate among the cast of One Piece characters. But there’s a non-zero chance of giving her a space on this list.

One of the Revolutionary Army

In one of Oda’s many question corners, someone asks about Luffy’s parents. Oda then explains that they’d already been drawn, and would appear in the next volume.

While this seems like Oda messing around, as he usually does, Dragon did happen to appear in the next volume, alongside a slew of unnamed One Piece characters.

Among these revolutionaries is a hatted woman. She has no lines and is a complete blank, but she does fill the criteria of possibly being Luffy’s mom – she’s in the Volume after Oda said she would show up, is close to Dragon, and is a woman, so… That might just be her.

The Woman who Inspired Shanks

Some fans seem to think that a woman in a backstory for Shanks might be Luffy’s mother. She holds a black haired baby and sings him a lullaby – this in turn inspires Shanks to sing songs for his daughter, Uta, which eventually shapes her career as an idol.

This woman is ultimately nameless, and Shanks seems to have only met Luffy when he was six anyways, but it’s difficult to really ‘meet’ a baby.

So maybe this woman and her child are actually Luffy and his mother. Maybe Oda will one day officially add her to the cast of One Piece characters.


Ginny is a new addition to the cast of One Piece characters, introduced in Chapter 1095 via flashback. She too was a slave for the World Nobles, alongside people like Emporio Ivankov.

This definitely puts her in a position where becoming Dragon’s lover is a possibility – she likely did know him to some degree.

In an interesting situation, Ginny is also the mother of Jewelry Bonney, a fellow member of the ‘Worst Generation’ with Luffy. This would make Bonney and Luffy siblings, though unwittingly.

It would be quite the shock reveal, but it does seem like One Piece is at a point where these shock reveals are to be expected, and of the cast of One Piece characters, Ginny does seem to be a possible candidate.


This theory may come as unlikely to some. After all, Crocodile is a man. How could he have possibly given birth to Luffy? The answer comes in Ivankov’s Hormone-Hormone fruit.

One of the first examples of this revolutionary using his powers is to transform a man into a woman – and he repeatedly points out that he can use this power to his liking and does so often, both to himself and to others.

Readers also know that Ivankov and Crocodile have history, which is the sole reason Crocodile assists in the escape of Impel Down and fights on the side of Luffy at all.

With this in mind, it is possible that Crocodile was born a woman, had a relationship with Dragon, gave birth to Luffy, and then utilized Ivankov’s hormone manipulating powers to become a man. It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

Curly Dadan

Curly Dadan is Luffy and Ace’s stepmother – the leader of the Dadan family of Mountain bandits, she was entrusted by Garp to take care of his grandson and the son of Gol D. Roger. While her methods of raising the boys are questionable, it’s also not much worse than how Garp did it.

Could she be Luffy’s mother, then? Probably not. Among all the One Piece characters, she’s one of the few who is definitely not his mom. But then again, she basically did serve as a mother to him.

So maybe she’s the definitive answer to the question – because she is, in fact, a mother to Luffy.


Koala is another of the One Piece characters who is a part of Dragon’s revolutionaries – one who worked with the Tiger King to free slaves at Marijoa. She eventually joined in with Dragon after that affair, and clearly still works with him to the present day.

While she fits the timeline and proximity to Dragon, that’s about all the evidence there for her being a parent to Luffy.

However, as this list has proven, there’s not that many One Piece characters who fit the bill anyways. Koala is just as likely to be Luffy’s mother as pretty much everyone on this list.

She’s closer than Big Mom at any rate. As long as Oda is uninterested in telling readers about Luffy’s mom, we’ll have plenty of reason to theorize on it.