One Piece: Why is Buggy the Clown in the Cross Guild? Explained

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Buggy the Clown may be one of the luckiest characters in One Piece. Despite his terrible luck in meeting Luffy early in his pirating days, Buggy continues to make his way up the pirating food chain throughout the manga’s second half. Key among them is his becoming the face of the infamous Cross Guild.

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The Cross Guild is a group of pirates led by Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk who have one goal: to destroy the Marines by placing bounties on the heads of their most famous members. But Buggy is a little odd among the group, as the other two were infamous Warlords of the Sea, and Buggy is a hilarious pirate. So how did Buggy end up at the head of the Cross Guild of One Piece?

How One Piece’s Buggy the Clown ended up on top of the Cross Guild

Buggy’s rise to fame came first with his escape from prison in the Impel Down arc of One Piece. Assisted by Luffy, he led riots on the upper levels of the massive underwater prison. Once they had successfully escaped, he was surprised to find that the Marines named him among the key escapees of Impel Down, especially compared to more dangerous ones like Crocodile and Emporio Ivankov.

It turns out the Marines had uncovered his past as a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew and a ‘blood brother’ of Shanks. Thus, he was considered the mastermind behind the escape and a high-priority target. This continued into the war itself, where the prisoners rallying behind him broadcast him worldwide on the battlefield, elevating him to the same level of notoriety as those involved in the Battle of Marineford.

Following his escape and a brief reunion with Shanks, Buggy escaped the battle with an adoring new crew and went on to reunite with Alvira and his old crew, now holding even more fame and power than he even knew what to do with, thanks to his worldwide recognition during the turning point of One Piece.

Buggy becomes one of the Four Emperors

Buggy eventually even became one of the Seven Warlords himself after a number of the members ended up falling short of the World Government’s expectations. He used this safety net to form his own company of mercenaries with funds from Crocodile. But after the dissolution of the warlord system, the Marines arrived to stop Buggy’s company, no longer protected by his status.

In a stroke of luck, Crocodile came to collect Buggy’s debts, and he promptly sank the Marines and saved the clown. Still indebted and in no position to pay back the fearsome former warlord, Buggy instead offered to use his existing company as a launchpad for Crocodile’s new company.

This is when the official formation of the Cross Guild materialized, which Mihawk joined shortly thereafter. However, due to confusion from Buggy’s overzealous crew, they released pamphlets worldwide advertising the Cross Guild, with Buggy front and center.

The resulting confusion saw Buggy become the face of the CrossGuild and even get recognized as one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Perhaps emboldened by his new status and feared reputation, he declared that the new goal of the Cross Guild was to find the One Piece, putting him in direct conflict with the Straw Hats once more.

In the end, Buggy got to the top of the One Piece world through luck and his own men’s belief in him. While Crocodile and Mihawk do the actual main work as chief officers of the guild, Buggy makes a fantastic figurehead president. Even if his own ego seems to permeate the guild’s theme, Buggy is ultimately just one lucky clown.